What's this?


Super Stacker is a relaxing skill-based game in which you have to create a tower made of blocks by placing the blocks as precisely aligned as possible on top of each other while the tower is spinning. As you progress the challenge increases via the tower spinning faster. 

Create the highest tower possible and the compare yourself to a world of Super Stackers via the google play leaderboards as well as challenge your friends and strangers on the internet to beat you.


Tell me more about this Super Stacker...


As mentioned before, your objective is to create the highest tower you can without compromising its integrity. You can place the first block at any angle you wish, and then you have to place each subsequent block at the same angle in order to maintain the tower's integrity. If you don't get the angle right, the blocks start to narrow with each and every mistake, making the tower harder to balance.

Placing 5 blocks in perfect alignment will slow down the tower spin a little, and resize the blocks so that they are more suitable for stacking. Placing 8 blocks in perfect alignment will cause the whole tower to re-align itself to increase its stability. 

There is a leaderboard feature within the game, hosted by Google Play Services. This board can be accessed via the in-game Google Play Button which has the shape of a controller. The leaderboard allows you to compare yourself with your friends and other players around the world, and is split by different time periods (daily, weekly, all time) to better filter player scores.

Finally, there is also a share feature within the app which allows you to take a screenshot of your game and share it with your friends via any app you chose. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, SnapChat, as long as it supports image sharing you will be able to share your score through it. 


How much does the game cost?


Super Stacker was created by our lead developer, Justin, in his spare time in order to better enhance his own coding skills and learn to code for the mobile platforms. The game was made as a pet project and thus we've decided that it should be enjoyed by everyone for free with no strings attached. As such, Super Stacker is and will forever be completely free of any ads, purchase fees and microtransactions.

We know life is difficult and not everyone can afford to spend money on games. While some can argue that $2 may not be a lot for a game when a breakfast costs more than that, $2 becomes a very significant amount of money when you have to choose between buying a mobile game and that particular breakfast. 

However nobody should be deprived of neither food or videogames, so we'll provide this videogame at no cost. 


That's awesome! Is there any way I can support the devs?


That would be very much appreciated if you wish to do so. There are several ways you can help us a lot as a staring micro-studio.

  • Share us on on social media! Exposure right now is our number one problem, as we lack the necessary budget to compete through advertising with all the other game developer studios out there. If you can share this game, this page, our website or anything else with your friends/followers it would help us tremendously!
  • Buy our other game, Void 21. We put a great deal of effort into our games to make them as high a quality as possible and if you enjoy stack, you're going to love Void 21! It's a more complex PC or VR game which puts you at the helm of a very fast and destructive ship, with the mission of survival! 
  • Donate to our studio. We appreciate every donation regardless of its size and all funds get put straight back into making new games and maintaining the old ones with free updates. 
Void 21, our other game and we're very proud of it

Void 21, our other game and we're very proud of it

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If you like Super Stacker, have a look at our other game, Void 21!